Cotton Candy Mini Cones $2
Cotton Candy Cups $2
Mini Tarts
Mini Tarts $24 per dozen
Mini-Eclairs $24 per dozen
Sweet gems $20 per dozen
Oreo Cookie filling
(priced for one color)
Cupcakes $35 per dozen
(priced for one flavor
Cotton Candy Cones $2.5
Cotton Candy Tubs $2.5
Mini-Donuts $24 per dozen
Mini Cupcakes
Mini Cupcakes $24 per dozen
Meringue $20 per dozen (priced for one color)
Regular size donuts $36 per dozen (one color Icing, 4-inch donuts)
Cotton Candy Bags $2
Cotton Candy Pops $2.5
Cotton Candy with Cupcake
Cotton Candy with
Cupcake Liner $2.5
Mini-Cream Puffs
Mini-Cream Puffs $24 per dozen
Cheesecake Shooters $24 per dozen (priced for one flavor)
Cotton Candy Bombers $30/per 12. (Please comment for theme color. One color only per dozen)
Chocolate Dipped Pretzel Individual wrapped 3in X 2.5in ($20 per dozen, 1 dip color with color sprinkles to your theme)